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(Nothing) Zen, you should just give up and finish it T_T (Nothing) I’m sorry your birthday is on April Fool’s Day T_T (Nothing) Selection 19 Good bye, Jumin. (Zen) I always feel like dreaming when I come to see you. (Jaehee Alt Selection) Jaehee, I think Zen is in shock. I think you should be cautious of whatever Jumin gives you now. (Nothing) Selection 16 lolololol (Nothing) I’m curious what Seven’t brain looks like. (Nothing) Selection 17 lolololol funny joke (Nothing) Wow… (Nothing) Selection 18 You don’t eat leftovers, but you eat cat food? (Zen) Zen, I think that bug is still there lololololol (Nothing) Selection 2 Seven, if you’re there, please say something… Selection 1 I’m so glad you’re here whenever I come. Just do it; (Zen) Selection 6 What are we gonna do about Seven? (707) Anyways, as long as your fingers are apart now, lol. Character(s): Zen Selection 1 Did something happen, Zen? (Zen) Selection 3 You just have to be the grown up here and understand, Zen, haha.

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(Zen) Selection 27 I think it will be a huge fire hazard. (Nothing) Promise me that you’ll go to bed as soon as you finish sweeping~ (Zen) Character(s): Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung Outgoing Calls: ??? Also, if you are on the prank run, you could get up to 3 HG in this chat. (Zen) Selection 5 I can do it…♥ in star shapes★ (707) What do you mean cut your fingers? (Zen) Selection 22 I hope you feel better soon, Zen. (Nothing) Character(s): Zen, 707 Outgoing Calls: Jaehee (maybe will pick up, didn’t first run, did second) Note: I’m missing a heart somewhere… (Nothing) Selection 3 Delivery alert (707) Cancellation alert (Zen) Selection 4 Our mighty hero! (Nothing) You should just focus on one and do it properly… (Zen) Selection 3 You must have been flustered T_T (Nothing) That’s reality though. (Jumin) Selection 10 So what if you don’t like books? (Zen) You’re so generous to consider the recipient’s feelings too, Jumin.

(Nothing) If Jumin sent it, I’m sure it’s something helpful for you, Zen… (Nothing) Selection 12 It sounds like Zen’s a lab rat… ^^ (Zen) You never know when the cardboard will arrive!

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