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20-Aug-2017 03:24

Might it actually not even be more moral not to steal from a conviction it is unfair than from fear of damnation or even from fear of estrangement from God?

3) It seems plausible to hold that religions champion certain values, or that God champions certain values, because they are good values, not that they are good values because some religion holds them.

There are serious obstacles to teaching moral values in (public) schools, but they are not the theoretical or moral obstacles normally raised in discussions. The real problems are more of a pragmatic nature because (1) conducting productive value discussions is very difficult to do, even when teachers are well-trained in moral philosophy, (2) teacher education does not currently generally include moral philosophy, so unless they have learned moral philosophy outside that part of the curriculum, teachers are not likely even to be sufficiently trained to teach it very well, and (3) institutional, administrative values and needs of schools often conflict with humane moral values and the needs of students.

Is that a Christian value just because it might be a value in the Christian religion? It may be a purely philosophical or secular value, just as it might be a value important in any number of religions.I will discuss the real problems at the end of this essay.

It would be helpful to the Sketch Up team if people could provide constructive criticism in this forum without the cult followers feeling they had to protect them. I absolutely agree the print dialog needs some love.… continue reading »

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