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We got into some nice festivals but then I had to put it on the back burner because I got to go do this thing, but it’s a good problem to have!When they asked for footage of me for on film I showed them this film.on DVD and Blu-ray, I was given the chance to interview the three principle leads of the show, Joe Mazzello, Jon Seda and James Badge Dale.The event was held on the HMS Belfast, the ex-battleship turned museum floating on the banks of the Thames, and it proved a fitting place as the ship saw action in that theatre of war.It felt like we were really there, but at the same time we had to remember we’re actors and we have to hit these moments in our brain and do our job while they were all doing theirs. It was amazing because I was actually getting directions from the man himself, like “Hey Joe, this is how you do this, this is how I felt”. How much did you know about the Pacific theatre of war before going into it? My Grandfather served in the Pacific but even with that not that much. If you were in that situation, do you think you’d react the same as Sledge?With regards to your character Sledge, he wrote a memoir. So to have that to draw from and think I know how to this was like a dream come true. I hope I would, I hope I would be able to cope with it and to be able to do my job and survive, and to keep my head about me.

“Steven wrote me a recommendation for USC to go to film school.

You can tell the whole thing was such a big experience, when you’re watching the show you feel lie you’re going through the journey with them. This is the moment where you’re going to be thinking this, and here you’re going to be thinking this, because it’s so expensive.

To do it again, it takes an hour and a half to set up again, plus so much money! But then you knew Pearl Harbour, and the Japanese and then you went to bed and that was it.

“If the first approach or the first meeting is about me being from the movie, then I’m like, ‘No.’ ” Ariana Richards, 33, who played Mazzello’s big sister Lex, is a professional painter who runs her own studio in Oregon, called Gallery Ariana.

“When clients find out I was in inspired her to paint her first water color painting.“The more they know about that, the less I’m into them.

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