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26-Aug-2017 06:45

hirsutum using numerous chromosome aberrant radiomutant plants have been carried out [13–15].As a result, unlike other multiple-genotype-derived cytogenetic collections for cotton, a new set of monosomic and translocation lines have been developed from the common genetic background of the highly inbred line L-458 (G. Some of these monosomes have been characterized with new cytogenetic and biomorphologic characteristics.

Here, we present the development of a monosomic stock collection of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) from Uzbekistan, including the origin of 92 primary monosomics, meiotic metaphase-I analysis, study of tetrads of microspores, pollen fertility, and monosomic transmission rates for some monosomic lines.

However, a detailed characterization of our entire monosomic collection has not been done.

Here, we report cytogenetic features for 92 primary monosomics including new monosomics detected in M generation, newly developed monosomic lines from these 92 primary monosomics, 4 novel desynaptic parental cotton plants and their 4 monosomic progenies, and 19 new monosomic families.

We report desynaptic effects of some monosomes detected both in parental and daughter monosomics, a positive role of interchanges in translocation heterozygous monosomics due to selective advantages of gametes with deficiency and a simultaneous interchange, pollen fertility variation, and strong differences in transmission rates.

This monosomic cotton collection, developed using single genome background, will be useful for future breeding, genetic, cytogenetic, and molecular-genetic investigations of the cotton genome. (cotton) is an important, natural fiber crop as well as an important source of food, feed, fuel, and other products of significant economic value.

The worldwide economic impact of the cotton industry is estimated to be ~0 billion/yr with an annual utilization of ~115 million bales or ~27 million metric tons of cotton fiber [1–3].

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