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In honor of the Native Americans who once called Arkansas home, a number of the state's communities bear funny town names reflecting that heritage, among them Omaha, Choctaw, Caddo Gap, Osage, Chickalha, Pocahontas and Ouachita.

Arkansas Post, the first European settlement in the lower Mississippi Valley, was named for the Quapaws who provided the fort site in 1686.

De Queen and Mena are probably the only towns in Arkansas named for a married couple.

Jan (John) De Goeijen, a native of Holland, was an official of the Kansas City Southern Railroad when the line was extended through western Arkansas to Texas in the late 19th century.

With an array of communities such as Hogeye, Greasy Corner, Ink, Snowball, Romance, Apt, and Smackover, Arkansas may seem to have a monopoly on funny city names. The state's southwestern neighbors in Texas have have funny town names, such as Grit, Noodle, Cut and Shoot. Eden and Hell are just a few miles apart in Michigan; and even uptown New York has an Owl's Head and Hoosick.

While some people, especially visitors, are amused by the state's unusual town names, others are attempting to learn and record how communities and landmarks received their identities.

Mena, founded along the same railway in Polk County, was named in honor of De Goeijen's wife.

Arkansas also has two towns named for the same person.

The site reportedly had a popular tavern where liquor flowed freely. Lynch opened his new trading post in 1846, tradition says he accidentally dropped some cotton seeds while carrying provisions into the new business. Lynch's customers, who started calling it the "Cotton Plant" store.

De Queen was a rather poor attempt at anglicizing De Goeijen, according to Dutch-speaking historians.

De Gwen would have been closer to the correct pronunciation.

A few Arkansas towns have "coined" names, derived from parts of other names.

Texarkana, for example, was created from parts of the names of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.The French influence during the 1700s is retained in such names as Bayou Meto, the L'Anguille River, Terre Rouge Creek, Maumelle, Petit Jean and others.