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Since you'd need a regex anyway, you might as well have the regex do all the work. - ( 351) 282 43 50 50 - 90191919908 - 555-8909 - 001 6867684 - 001 6867684x1 - 1 (234) 567-8901 - 1-234-567-8901 x1234 - 1-234-567-8901 ext1234 - 1-234 567.89/01 ext.1234 - 1(234)5678901x1234 - (123)8575973 - (0055)(123)8575973 Can you please re-phrase?

Take, for instance, my test script that downloads a web page and extracts all phone numbers using the regex. # my $external_filename = ' G-spring05.txt'; my @external_file = `curl $external_filename`; foreach my $line (@external_file) Edit: You can change \W* to \s*\W? I wasn't thinking of the regex in terms of, say, validating user input on a form when I wrote it, but this change makes it possible to use the regex for that purpose.

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You also know your audience and find the relevant data easily. You use what you learn at university and brings new stuff and ideas to the table • Attention to details and especially to delivering correct data • At least 1 year remaining of your studies.

Doing this solves 2 problems - testing the result is now easy and you can now ensure that values rendered back out for display can all be formatted consistently. Regex: Here's a wonderful pattern that most closely matched the validation that I needed to achieve.

The first comment on this answer about the "Complicator's Gloves" is a good read... I'm not the original author, but I think it's well worth sharing as I found this problem to be very complex and without a concise or widely useful answer.

You've correctly identified that it's a tricky problem...

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I came up with this: Here's a perl script to test it. I can't understand this: "It's easy to get arround until you remove ^ and $ or else I'm able to get around it using [111] [111] [1111]".

Although the answer to strip all whitespace is neat, it doesn't really solve the problem that's posed, which is to find a regex. '; my @tests = ( "1-234-567-8901", "1-234-567-8901 x1234", "1-234-567-8901 ext1234", "1 (234) 567-8901", "1.234.567.8901", "1/234/567/8901", "12345678901", "not a phone number" ); foreach my $num (@tests) # # Extract all phone numbers from an arbitrary file.

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